Affiliate Managers -
Is your Affiliate Program protected against fraud?

Our Paid Search Monitoring tool automates affiliate policy compliance monitoring. The tool identifies malicious affiliates bidding on your brand & brand plus keywords and flags any violations of your terms & conditions. With our round-the-clock automated scanners, you can now:

  • Stop malicious affiliates from hijacking your paid search ads and using expired coupons
  • Ensure affiliate policy compliance by identifying direct linking and trademark infringement
  • Eliminate cookie stuffing and immediate redirections from your PPC ads
  • Improve your ROI by eliminating fraudulent affiliates from the network
Digital Marketers -
Are your Paid Ads free from infringement?

Our PPC Brand Monitoring Tool crawls the search engines to detect brand infringing ads by your competitors, marketers, and search arbitragers. It helps you track who is bidding on your brand keywords to adversely affect your paid campaigns CPCs and CTRs. With our global monitoring technology, you can:

  • Scan keywords for unauthorized brand bidding and intrusive paid search activity
  • Eliminate competitor ads increasing your cost per click
  • Protect your brand's reputation online
  • Safeguard your branded traffic from redirections and misleading


Our distinctive smart crawler and digital brand protection solution help affiliate managers and digital marketers monitor compliance and ensure the safety of their customers and brand reputation.


Actionable Insights

Gain unmatched visibility to online trademark infringements with evidence like screenshots, server logs, links, and more.


Affiliate Fraud Prevention

Ensure affiliate policy compliance on Paid Search ads, Product Listing ads, and organic search.


Brand Reputation Protection

Sheild paid search against brand bidding by competitors, partners, and search arbitragers.


Customized APIs

Report affiliate frauds and brand infringement violations in just one click with customized APIs per your requirement.


24/7 active SERP Crawler

Our crawler scans the internet every millisecond or per your specific needs to ensure round-the-clock monitoring.


Global Monitoring

We create the most effective keyword list for each client to monitor violations on the paid search through configurable crawling by city, state, region, and country.

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Search Engine Monitoring

Our search monitor tool covers the world's most popular search engines

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