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We protect your affiliate network and online promotions from infringing ads and brand abuse

The Paid Click is a brand compliance monitoring tool designed and developed by Virus Positive Technologies to monitor a brand's paid search advertisements and online promotions. The tool is designed to give digital brand protection by detecting trademark infringing ads and unauthorized web promotions. It monitors your PPC ads and web page content for compliance & regulatory issues.

With a vision to reduce the risk in affiliate marketing and protect brands from marketing fraud, VPT launched its extensive brand protection services in 2011. Our team of fraud detection experts has developed solutions and services to track, monitor, and analyze your affiliate networks and ensure compliance with internal and external guidelines.

Paid Search Monitoring

Monitor paid search and affiliate policy compliance on your PPC campaigns. Maximize CTRs and minimize CPCs by identifying unscruplous bidding on your branded keywords. Protect your paid ad campaigns and affiliate network from abuse and improve marketing ROI.

Web Content Monitoring

Ensure regulatory compliance with marketing guidelines and eliminate your affiliate's brand violations on web promotions. Protect your brand against unauthorized offers & promotions, brand name use, missing disclosure statements, and other marketing compliances.

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We protect your affiliate network and online promotions from infringing ads and brand abuse


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